Blog Problems

There is something weird going on with my blog. It is not letting people post comments and saying that access is FORBIDDEN. (It just sounds so scary.) I am sorry the drama...ugh. Hopefully, I will find a solution soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me.


I'm commenting! It's not scary!

Posted by: Ashley | 02/20/2007

Yay! I can comment again. You know what they say about forbidden fruit...

Posted by: tiennie | 02/20/2007

I thought I would test too!

Posted by: jess | 02/21/2007

Crazy- I can comment on this post, but not the pretty purse post. Just FYI. Good for you on treating yourself to that bag, though. I'm all for a good purse!

Posted by: Nonnahs | 02/21/2007

I just thought you didn't like me... J/K. I'm glad you're back up and running. Love you!!

Posted by: Cassi | 02/21/2007

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