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A case of the copycats...

Oh yes, I went and caught a case of the copycats in a bad way. It is a nasty virus. It strips you of all original thought and leaves you helpless to copy the uniqueness of others.

I first felt the copycats coming on when I saw Ashley's new scarf. And just like that, I was down for the count. Oh the colors! The purdy, rainbow-licious colors! How could I not be consumed? Little did I know, that Ashley was merely a carrier of the virus, and the origins of this epidemic could be pinpointed to Maritza of knotty bits. Genius, pure genius.

medium_STR.jpgAs the fever began to take over, I immediately scrambled for the only cure...Socks that Rock (namely in colorways Farmhouse and Watermelon Tourmaline). I e-mailed the fab people at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and they were able to send my prescriptions immediately. In fact, JoAnn from Blue Moon had to ask what all the hullabaloo was about since she received several request for those two specific colorways. Sounds like the copycats are spreading...no knitter is safe.

The Chevron scarf pattern from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts

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mmm... it looks like candy! i saw this over at the knotty bits blog but i simply can't afford to catch this virus. you know you're spreading it around with that photo? that scarf looks incredible!!! yum!

Posted by: rachel i. | 02/13/2007

WOOOOOOOOOOO! No one is safe from the virus! No one! It looks so awesome--and how funny that the Blue Moon peeps were like, "um, what is up with THAT?"

Posted by: Ashley | 02/13/2007

Your scarf looks amazing!

Posted by: Melissa Ryan | 02/13/2007

O.M.G. That scarf is amazing! Gorgeous!!

Posted by: Nonnahs | 02/13/2007

So pretty. I'm going to check my sock yarn stash and see what I can come up with as I do have about 3 skeins of STR. Did you have to make any modifications to the scarf pattern? And lastly what size sock yarn did you use of STR, lightweight, mediumweight, etc? Thanks in advance for the info. You've made me want to knit a scarf!

Posted by: Wanda | 02/13/2007

Umm, yeah, I believe I only knit things I've copied from other people. That scarf is awesome!

Posted by: tiennie | 02/13/2007

Ooh...how fun - might have to jump on this bandwagon - those colors are a great break from winter blahs!! :)

Posted by: Amy Artisan | 02/13/2007

oh, not you as well kara! ;0)
it's a VIRUS and everyone is catching it!
but not me. ha!
i am immune to these types of viruses!
** sneeze!!! ** uh-oh... ;0)

Posted by: vera | 02/14/2007

Scarf looks awesome, love the colors.

Posted by: Amanda | 02/14/2007

Oh jeez... I think I might be getting sick as well. May have to order that yarn today!!!!!

Posted by: Meredith | 02/14/2007

Wow, your scarf is coming along beautifully! I'm laughing over the people at Blue Moon asking what the hullabaloo was about. That's great!

Posted by: maritza | 02/14/2007

So that is the perfect yarn for a DIFFERENT scarf i want to do. I have been searching and now I know you have it! Ugh! Now I'm just going to have to splurge. What is it with you? When I am near you or your blog atleast it makes me itch to spend. Your scarf is AMAZING. I am so Jello!!!!

Posted by: Cassilou | 02/14/2007

It's loverly. The colors look like a splash of summer in the middle of this dreary winter. It's snowing here again! Who knew it snowed so much in Texas?

Posted by: Susan | 02/15/2007

Just beautiful--MayI as the color name and or numbers?

Posted by: Edna Hart | 03/06/2007

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